Feb 27 2011

First time I met you

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I remember the first time I met you.
My eyes doubled in size,
My knees buckled,
My courage liquidated
And I knew then and there I had to have you.

The weeks passed and I learnt you.
I learnt the depth of your eyes.
I learnt the way your lips curl when you smile.
I learnt the softness behind your words.

I learnt how I longed to have you near.

Then one day I learnt the sweetness of your kiss,
And how fast my heart could dance when you asked me to be your girl.
And it was that very day i learnt I loved you.

Now my days are blissfull as I fall asleep beside you,
Learning the true depths of how far I can fall.

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  1. madelaine7on 28 Feb 2011 at 8:02 am

    This is a great poem!! I love it:):):) It’s short && romantic<3 keep up the good work!! xoxo

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