Jul 25 2010

Flower of Love

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If I had a flower for all the times
that I have thought of you
Then I could walk forever
in my garden made of you.

If I had but a heartfelt wish
that in my soul I’d make
Is that we would be together
until our dying day.

If I had a dream to share
with no one else but you
Of places where we long to be
in secret rendezvous.

If I had the courage to show
just what you mean to me
Then I know into my arms
you’d fall in love with me.

If I had the beauty of
a maiden, rich and fair,
You’d take me in your chariot
so far away from here.

And if I had the chance to dream
beneath the soft moonlight
Would you take me in your arms
and make love to me tonight?

If I could be anything
I’d be your princess
And forever I would bring to you
my love and happiness.

And if I picked a flower for
each time I thought of you
Then I could walk forever
in this life I have with you.

© Christina

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