May 10 2011

For beauty she searched

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With tear streaked cheek she left him,
Peacefully asleep.
In search of something meaningful.
A sight her eyes could not believe.
One in which would save her,
From a world crashing down.
She saw oceans,
Their waves drenching a thristy shore
But the water had tured brown.
She ventured through forests thick,
Trees standing tall like soliders
But their all getting shot down.
She saw birds,
Dancing together in the sky
But feathers they shed.
Deflated she headed home.
In the door she entered to the beauiful sight
She had hoped for.
He sat resting on the sofa,
A picture of pure serenity was his face.
She sighed with pleasure.
It was the face of the man she loved.
To him she pledged to never leave
And thanked him for being the most beautiful thing to be seen.

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