Mar 24 2013

Forever Chained Angel

Published by at 3:28 am under emo Poems

Raddling chains hold her here once more.
Her screams bound by his hands.
She wonders if she’ll be free again…
To one day spread her wings.
Can she be saved?

Trapped by his words she is forced to stay.
His bittersweet love washes over her like blood.
Will the Tempter set her free or
Will he drag her down to the depths of hell?

Her tears are what ignite his fire.
Her screams fill him with Desire.
She has tried to escape him before, but
He has caged her time and time again.
Can she be saved?
This chained Angel is me.
I wish to be free, and fly into the night.
But instead I’m wrapped in blankets of words.
I crave for freedom… I deserve it…

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