Jul 21 2010


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Acting as if i do not care about you anymore,
to much love is put into you these days.
each day is a different girl, with a whole lot of pain.
im bounded by that life you left behind you last year.
I put in myself an knowledge hoping you will see,
see the girl who is meant to be there, be there with you every single day.
I am here to protect you..
Holding back the pain is so much harder then it seems.
I write about you to get rid of most of my pain,
scars reveal my past, how me an you never lasted.
Your love wont leave me alone..
I pray sometimes that maybe we should have not of met,
maybe i will feel less afraid of losing you now of days.
Bestie’s are what we are, i break down to where i cant even walk.
Your words linger inside of my soul, as if a ghost is trying to lift me up.
You say all these things hoping i will believe most of it..
I tried to hide what i had to say..
i cant deal with the emptiness anymore.
i wanted you here to wipe away all of my tears that i have shed-ed for you.

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  1. daniel brownon 12 Aug 2010 at 1:14 am

    cried for over ten years i feel your pain

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