Apr 28 2011

Forgive ,then forget

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I cant continue to live if I cant forgive all the wrongs
The wrongs that I did to myself

Even the wrongs to who my heart once belonged to
In my mind I have a couple of questions

Is it better to continue or to let go
To forgive and say goodbye

Or to forgive and give it another try
The more I believe ,the more pain I feel
Maybe this time it will work out

But every time that I give you my heart
Without mercy you crush it down

Is your soul truly that dark
Don’t you regret the things that you did to me

All this time I have been on my own
Thinking about your words
Listening to my own soul

This lovely place that I used to call home
There is nothing lovely about it anymore

I try to forget the memories
But its hard

Its been a long time
But I want to forgive you
For every thing that you did

I forgive you for all you wrongs…
My final goodbye

I hope that I can forget you now

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