Apr 28 2011

Forgotten Pain

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the end doesnt justify the means
i know that
… yet i didnt
not really
u see, what i was trying to achieve was noble, honest
i wanted to free the one i held dear
but in my quest to righteousness,
i forgot the pain a thing like that causes
its been done to me
i wish id remembered how it felt
when the person i loved, trusted,
ripped my heart from my chest
but i didnt remember
i forgot
i let it slip my mind
and i did to another what had been done to me
i scarred him,
betrayed him
deceived him
and i lost my noble purpose
it became about me
my selfish needs
but im not sorry
it had to be done
i had to cut him free
true, i did it in a horrible way
but in the end, i did what was best for him

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