Sep 22 2010

Fortnight into Grief

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Love found to be true
To the one and only you.
Nights never ending,
Words never bending,
A meaning of false hope
As I begin to cope
With fears that ail me.
You say you want to me to feel free.
You want me to be me.

I give it my all;
I give me as I am; even with every fall.
I try my hardest to prove to you I am the one.
I just want to have fun.

But a fourtnight gives way to grief.
People say is brief,
But I still feel the pain.
I feel the blistering rain.
Bombard me with fear.
I hear a soft leere
Playing the song that was once our own,
But are now just notes played in the wind.
And your love has bent
For someone new…
I am lost in this storm
Cold–ever wanting to get warm–
Life showing me there is no end to this hell I live…

This post was submitted by Dannielle Lovesong.

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