Jun 06 2011

Four Letter Word

Published by at 11:44 pm under Lost Love Poems

Behind these eyes
lie fear…
fear of only a four letter word
can you guess it?

weakens me terribly
with red eyes
and a stuffy nose
I look toward my strength
a knife…
strengthens me

Watching the blood flow
brings tears to my eyes
for feelings come to me
I don’t want to be this way
yet I still am
because of this weakness
not expected to do much harm
harms me the most

For everyone that said
“I love you”
led me to my strength
for they used me
played me…
then dumped me on the street
to die
like an abandoned puppy
blind with no teeth
not much chance for survival

I’m looking for that four letter word
not to weaken me
but to strengthen me
my strength…
my love…
won’t you ever find me?

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