Mar 25 2011

Friends in Life

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You don’t lose friends in your life,
you just learn who to trust,
who take away the strife.

They make you smile through anything,
They’re there for you through everything.
You have ups and downs,
and quarrel and shout.

But true friends, will hear you out.
I know i have the greatest friends of all
It’s not a joke,
It’s a reality call.

Friends are there for you when things go down,
You can be comforted and hugged,
and turn things round.

Where would we be without eachother?
With no friends…
No support from another…

I love all my friends who have ever cared for me,
I’ll always remember them, and that’s how it
should be

This post was submitted by Kathryn Patricia.

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  1. Mamtaon 12 Apr 2011 at 12:27 pm

    hi kat,

    this was awesome peom…i really liked it

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