Jun 11 2013

Give me strength.

Published by at 1:39 pm under Heartbreak Poems

oh God.
i don’t know where to start,
because i don’t know where this ends.
can you just hold me?
cause i’m falling apart again.

i can’t stop the shaking,
and i can’t heal my cuts,
they bleed down my skin.

when will it be enough?

i cry out in pain,
with this war raging within me.
leaves me crying hopelessly.
please. oh God,
please take this pain away.
i can’t bear it much longer.

sleep is no friend,
and nutrition is my ends,
i’m destroying myself,
for this voice in my head.

How much longer can i carry on?

so i pray, to something i’m sure isn’t there at all,
please, give me the strength to survive another night
in this hell i’ve built.

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