Mar 22 2011

Giving Up

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Tiring days
Following your shadow
Coz till now can’t touch you yet
Physically you never belong to me
You existing only on net
whenever I gain access
I can feel your heart beats
from your text you sent
Sometimes can hear your voice
You be my Ghost
Haunted me all the time
All days and nights long
till when we stand in this way
maybe meeting in real
Our big wish never comes true
Suddenly get sad
Thinking about that
not hopeless but just realize
not everything we want
Can be ours
Often I can catch you up
in my dreams
It would be sweet dream
or night mare?
Can’t differentiate, if sweet
why causing me in deep sorrow
after knowing that s only a dream
Missing you more and more
After a long long while
Thinking deep to stop this
If not ending up, will find a curse
Something worse can be happened
Crazy in love as like having lots burdens
before it is too late
Never let myself become the victim
Giving up much better to decide
Have a rush, no need to delay
I have to withdraw soon
Sorry My Rocky, if asking your agreement
It will be useless argument…

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