Mar 18 2011

Go Further

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It says, love and cough can not be hidden
When someone you love begin to ignore
You behave as if everything s fine
and try to show, no matter with what happened
As if never mind he did not not care of you anymore
In the deep of your heart, all get messed up..
it sounds sharp knife cuts your heart into pieces
How hard to be wise one,
Can hide all sorrow by covering it with smile

Love has always two sorts of ending
It ends up with happiness
or will bring sorrow due to heart break….
if getting lucky, you find true love
if not, just be ready to feel terrifying pain
Unavoidable if you get bad destiny
Become victim of break up relation
then soon try to heal yourself
Never let yourself get in grief
Never let yourself to be too long in falling dawn
Wasting time and doing something in vain
Should sacrifice a lot
for someone hurting you
Do not be too foolish
Moving on, being strong and stay persistent
Go further, heading out the bright future
Needless to cry over the spilled out milk …
You can cry for great love BUT not for frail one

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  1. Diva deeon 04 Sep 2012 at 6:37 am

    Wow, this explains exactly how I feel right now, it’s so sad but true then encouraging at the same time. Thank you – I had been searching for days/weeks ……

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