May 24 2011

Going to be okay without you.

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Yesterday i woke up, I felt Happy And good,

And i Finally realised and Understood,

That everythings Going to be Okay..

For once, you wern’t the first thing on my mind,

It always Ruined my day, To think of you,

and i had to Pray pray pray, It Would go Away.

The Sun Shined through my window,

Lit up my Room with an orange Glow,

The Sigh of Relief That my Heart gave,

Told me Everything’s going to be okay..

You my Dear, Were my Best Friend,

The one i fell for, Dont Pretend.

You Took my Heart, I offered you..

You held it tight, and it broke in two.

You should of stopped this long ago,

Instead of leading me on, you should of said No.

Stopped me putting my hopes up High,

Let me go, Let me fly..

I Was always there to care you,

Make sure you were Alright, When you were Blue.

I just wish you were there for me too.

The Fact you used me breaks my heart,

I wish i could go back to the start

Before i told you how i feel,

So My feeling’s could of stayed Surreal.

All I wanted to know was how you feel,

For you to say something real,

All i wanted was to give you my heart,

but it’s only left me in the dark.

I’m proud to say I’m over you,

It took me a while, but i’ve pulled through,

Found someone else, Who gave me a Chance,

I’m pretty much falling for him Too.

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