Jul 29 2012


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Love is gone , Love is lost
Love is strange
Unpredictable and fickle
Confusing and hurtful
Wonderful until it disappears.
You’re lost, you’re gone,
And you will never come back
I fear I will not catch one more glimpse,
Or one more whispered word.
I think of you every night as I look up at the sky
And I look at all the worlds mysteries ,
Especially the mystery of what happened.
I am lost without you by my side
I wish you were here with me,
In my moments of darkness,
A loving hug, a comforting caress,
Whispered words of love,
To save me from the anger and turmoil that surrounds me
That smothers me until I can’t breathe,
To save me from the tears that role down my face
And splash in pools of acid rain,
To save me from myself as I cry that acid rain
Made of regret and sorrow,
To save me from your absence,
And your shadow that still lingers,
Like a cruel tormentor.
And I weep as I think of your lost love and presence.

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