Mar 20 2013

Gone are the days…

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Gone are the days without bad perception,
We live in a world of maggots and deception,
A world where we feed off of fake idolization,
We bask in our breed of self degradation.
Gone are the days of honor and integrity,
We deceive to receive our honorable charity,
We stab the backs of our brothers,
We take from our mothers,
And rape the all the proceeds of truth and clarity.
Gone are the days of true satisfaction,
Or genuine responses without fake reaction,
Gone are the ones who stand up for a reason,
Corrupted by money they become the face of treason.

And all of it angers me deep in my core,
Till I fill full of hate and i can’t take no more,
Mad at this world and its false hypocrisy,
It’s a shame it’s to blame for this fall of democracy.
It’s a shame we’ve allowed it to get this bad,
Where objects replace the true happiness we had,
Born into a world of digital media,
We have the power to communicate and share our ideas,
And what do we do with this new found treasure?
We deface holy sacrament beyond all measures,
We bully and break the ideas of others,
In fear we will change our ways to another’s,
Unable to accept something we ourselves don’t create,
So we degrade to control our own selfish fate,
We rob from the poor and we give to the rich,
We unheal the injured stitch by stitch,
We accept our fake sense of reality,
We define courage by being cowardly,
We right our wrongs by wronging our rights,
We trick others to fight our fights,
We fall down to never get up,
We stumble, we trip and we don’t give a fuck.
-Dennis Mayer

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2 Responses to “Gone are the days…”

  1. Sizweon 22 Mar 2013 at 9:12 am

    Im out of words man but its a dope poem weldone i give you 11 out of 10…*wink*

  2. pixieon 04 Sep 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Sadly, I’ve only just seen this poem. I’ve been completely immersed in words today, and I’ve found that I keep coming back to yours…
    Very true words, stated in such a way that I can honestly say I’ve never understood the world quite as I do now.
    Never stop writing, because there would be something missing in the world, even if only in this small part of it.

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