Jul 22 2011

Gone but still here.

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There was a terrible oh terrible storm
I was hiding in bed
Under of so many covers trying to stay warm
I thought I saw something, no its just in my head
The terrible oh terrible storm went on and on
I thought I heard something, could it be my wife?
No, not possible, she’s gone
It’s just a storm, I just need sleep, I need to move on with my life
Can the terrible oh terrible storm get any worse than this?
When will it simply pass by?
I’m longing, I’m needing the beautiful one I miss
God, did she love the sight of an gorgeous sunny sky
Due to the terrible oh terrible storm, I’m having troubles staying comfortable and warm
From the outside I heard a loud thrash
It was to loud, to hard, to be the storm
So, to the window, quickly I dash
Through the terrible oh terrible storm, I stared
With nothing but the frosted tips of an everlasting snow and ice in sight
Soon I became terribly scared
I shall receive no rest tonight while enduring a condition of such fright
I searched through my home, only to find the silence of the sound
I fondle through a chest containing the fading memories I yearn
A gloomy depression was all that was found
A satisfying life without her, is something I will never learn
Someone is banging at my door, what do I do?
Who would visit me and my hallow self?
The door is opened, the first words are spoken
“No…no it can’t be you!”
The only response is
“I see you kept the belongings I’v been missing, I’v been longing on the shelf”
How can it be her? I thought she passed?
Am I awake, is this a dream?
“Is this the chance to get to say bye at last?”
“So it seems”
After awhile, I found the words I’ve been praying to find and say
“I can never endeavor life with out you, now I need more than ever”
When she found her words to say, I prayed that they would have the power to make everything okay
“There could never, there will never be forever between us anymore”
“You’ve been gone for so long, now I lead this dreadful life alone”
“Maybe had I not left on that monumental day, I would still be here”
“Don’t leave again! For when your gone something is always missing, even home doesn’t truly feel like home”
“No matter if I’m dead, gone, scared, or shaking in tears. Promise me that our memories shall remain here, losing those has always been my worst fear”
In my head, one final question remains
“Love, do you miss me and long, as I do, for one last touch?”
The answer left me in a temporary amnesia, I forgot about my pain
“Of corse I do, I loved you, I love you, I have missed you so much”
Too quickly the time came for the final goodbye
“I must leave soon, this is the chance for the goodbye we never had”
Only a few words summed up how I felt
“We finally got this, I’m so glad”
Though we tried to remain strong, neither of us had a dry eye
She’s gone yet again, she left twice as fast as the first time, twice as fast as she came
But now I feel an inner piece, something fills the void, something I haven’t felt in awhile
Though things may never be the same
Every moment with her was worth while
The terrible oh terrible storm left along with my love
Now the weather is perfectly fine
The sky is filled with beautiful graceful doves
The earth has seemed to mimic my mood like a mime
She is gone to most, but still here to me
I love her with all my heart
I don’t hide a thing, anyone in the world can see
I cherish every moment we ever had from the start
Now my questions have been answered
I got my final goodbye
Although she passed, and it isn’t to the least bit fair
I won’t look again, I’ll never find another
No other woman could ever compare
I know I’ll see her again, on this side or the other

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3 Responses to “Gone but still here.”

  1. Justaboyon 22 Jul 2011 at 10:28 am

    You have a rather limerick (sp?) style to your writing. It’s not a style I care for personally but you seem to do well with it, anyway. Nice job.

  2. iwait4you4everon 23 Jul 2011 at 12:43 am

    All I can say is I really love this poem it sent chills up my spine

  3. Oldvintageleatherjacketson 24 Jul 2011 at 3:21 am

    This was a project I had to do in school, I had to mimic Edgar Allen Poe but add my own style into it. I love that you guys enjoy my writing.

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