May 31 2013

Gone By

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Lonely night,
Full of hurt.
Tears fall down
Another day gone by.

You confuse me
With your tempting ways,
Saying that’s we’re not like that,
But acting like we are.

I guess I can’t really complain.
Because I’ve got it all made.
Everything’s cut out.
I just have to find the pieces.

You’re taking my heart
And playing with it, like it’s nothing.
I know that when you leave,
I’ll go into hiding,
Once again, alone.

So I’m trying.
I’m trying to lie to myself,
Say that I don’t really care.
Say that you could go and I wouldn’t be hurt.
Wouldn’t cry like a child.

But lately I’ve been feeling so estranged,
And you’re the only one I can trust, here. In this place.
You make me smile, when I just want to die.
You take away the pain,
If only for one night.

But you’ve silenced my cries,
And I can’t seem to breathe.
Dear, you’re strangling my heart,
And you do it with ease.

Please, I beg,
Don’t take me in your stride;
Either define what we are,
Or leave me behind.

Just wrap me up,
Only for tonight.
I just need your company
So I can survive.
another day gone by.

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