Jan 14 2011

Left here without You

Published by at 8:08 pm under Goodbye Poems

There is no escape to the way that I feel.
I was left here without you.
Without you I’m crashing and burning.
Is our love falling apart?
Please don’t say that it’s so.

I need you in my life.
You are the life support I need to stay alive.
I don’t know if I can go on without you.
I’m shattering like the most fragile piece of glass.
I shine brighter than the sun, than dim out like a shadow on a cloudy day.
The wind is pushing me away from you.
You seem as though it doesn’t phase you.
Do you even care?

Is goodbye the only escape?
Is goodbye the answer to letting go?
Is goodbye my final stand?
Is goodbye the moment I’ve been waiting for?
Come take my hand, come with me.

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