Dec 27 2012

Death will set me free.

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You left me all abandoned, and, true, I should reform
But you left me so desolate, so helpless, broken, torn

And all I had to say to you was one word of regret
For years of aches and loneliness I wish I could forget

Where were you when I needed you? I never did survive.
And all this talk of suicide’s left me less than alive.


A fragile heart knows no repair,
and neither does your hate
these phantom wounds you’ve left on me
have left me bare to fate

A compromise of sinful hope
You bargain for my soul
and everything I had to give,
is now something you stole

I’m naked and I’m terrified
What will become of me?
Your hate has left me chained and scared,
but death will set me free.

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