Apr 28 2011

Goodbye, for now

Published by at 11:06 pm under Goodbye Poems

Adieu for now, adieu my beloved;
But our eternal love won’t be discarded,
I will love you till river waters stop flowing;
And it will be your love that will keep me going.

I’ll miss your blue eyes that drowns me to sleep,
Your warm kisses, in my heart, I will keep,
I’ll be yearning for your essence;
And the times I can hardly breathe in your presence.

Dont be forlorn that I’m leaving;
For I’ll be back with a love more promising,
Ah! the thief of youth, and so many alterations;
So many mysteries, so many questions.

Dont lose hope in your time of solitude;
Remember that our love is with great magnitude,
Soon we will be apart;
But then I promise, not to leave your heart.

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