Jun 05 2011


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everyday she thinks i am not pretty enough, i don’t deserve to live, it’s hard to smile to herself everyday and say, ohh i’m pretty. because she know’s she’s not. she considers ending her life everyday. every hour of everyday, seconds, minutes, not you or anyone can change that. simply because no one tries, no one cares and everyone just wishes she would die. it brings tears to her eyes everyday she thinks, i should just die! the people she loves always bringing up her mistakes. she’s giving up hope… she’s losing the battle … one scar after another … on fake smile after a lie. she doesn’t have any friends to turn too, she has friends but none to confide too.for she fears, if she were to tell someone her secrets that they would put her away, lock her up forever and there would be nothing she could say … the razorblade is hidden, not much to say mistakes are mistakes that ruin her day, her life will soon be over. everything will be okay ……. thats why she writes these notes just to say
this is the end, but she still loves everyone and she’ll never let go… even when she’s gone………..

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  1. chloee :/on 24 Jun 2011 at 1:29 pm

    i love this. just sounds like ur talkin bou me ;/ 🙁

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