Jan 19 2013

Grasping for simplicity.

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Shadows’ lurk
of what i had thought
i had safely, left behind.

Voices’ distort
am i going insane?
Have i met my breaking point?
because i feel that way again.

My voice
To small
My hands grasp
but stay lingering
in this cold, empty air.

It’s happening again.
My world’s come crashing down.
A sword above my head;
I struggle
but do not move.

All these thoughts’
there holds no space
inside my head, no haven
to run to.
to hide.

Please just talk.
because i’m breaking down.
for a place beyond the confusion.
i hold inside myself.
i fear of what cannot be found.

Although i am stunned
By terror
of what has just re-birthed
and cannot make a sound,

I must stand up tall
and face them once more
embrace these demons
and hope
i get out alive
like i once did,

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One Response to “Grasping for simplicity.”

  1. pixieon 19 Jan 2013 at 7:49 am

    Why do you have an apostrophe behind every word ending in an s?
    I like this poem, it comes over as extremely raw. Your choices of words leave the reader captivated.
    Your rhyming feels chaotic to me, by which I mean that I couldn’t identify a set scheme. That only added to what you were saying, I think, allowing the reader to feel as you feel.
    The ending left me stunned. It was magnificent in that it left you chilled, yet hoping and yearning for life.
    I don’t know if anything I said makes sense ^_^ but I did really enjoy reading this.
    Well done.

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