Jul 21 2012

Haunted Eyes

Published by at 9:40 am under emo Poems

Your words tear at my heart,
Your hate claws at my eyes,
My sight vision flashes red with my inner agony
As you slowly crush me,
Shredding me into little bits of useless rubbish
Discarding me on the sidewalk
On the lane of the cold and lonely.

Your voice slashing my cheek,
Like a sharp biting poison
Made of the venom you spit in my face,
My face contorts in unspeakable pain
And you just turn your back,
Rolling your eyes
“Stop acting, you’re such a drama queen”
Little do you know
As I’m left lying on the cold floor,
Gazing after you,
With the haunted eyes of the dead
That I’ve even considered leaving this life.

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