Jan 10 2013

Have You Ever…

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Have You Ever

Have you ever cried at night,
Thinking it was bad,
Have you ever lost a love,
The only thing you ever had,
Have you ever screamed out loud,
From pain that you have felt,
Have you ever stopped and looked,
At pain that you have dealt,
Have you ever questioned someone,
Of love and if its true,
Have you ever really wondered,
If they truly feel for you,
Have you ever felt abused,
Or worried while you wait,
Have you ever made a big huge deal,
Over someone being late,
Have you ever had them leave,
And watched them walk away,
Have you ever thought of leaving,
But could only sit and stay,
Have you ever hurt someone,
And looked at what you’ve done,
Have you ever been the one that’s hurt,
And thought that you were the only one,
Have you ever loved another,
And never told them so,
Have you ever tried to tell them,
But didn’t know how it would go,
Have you ever been alone,
Where no one else could see,
So you sat at home remaining unknown,
having nowhere else to be?
I’ve felt this way before,
I’ve felt and dealt it all,
I’ve even lied,
I’ve even cried,
I’ve even felt the fall.
But nothing makes it better,
The Guilt or the Pain I feel,
I wish it all would go away,
I wish it wasn’t real,
But that is not the case,
And it could never be,
It took me too long to open up,
And took me way too long to see, I must;
Own up to mistakes I’ve made,
Get past the pains I’ve felt,
Wipe away the tears that are in my eyes,
And reflect on the tears I’ve dealt,
And tell someone when I love them,
Before they go away,
And maybe if I word it right,
They just might want to stay.
-Dennis Mayer

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2 Responses to “Have You Ever…”

  1. adminon 10 Jan 2013 at 12:33 pm

    It’s so beautifully written!!
    I just’ loved it Dennis…Over the years your writings have been getting better and better…Keep it up 🙂

  2. Dennison 12 Jan 2013 at 6:35 am

    Thank you. It’s been a journey hasn’t it? 😆

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