Apr 05 2011

He Loves Me

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i wake up and the first thing i think of is Him..
i get up for Him
i get dressed for Him
i get ‘beautiful’ for Him

when i get to school, all i see is Him..
i embrace Him
i inhale Him
im intoxicated with Him

its after school and He wants to come over; but no ones home

He comes is..
i clean for Him
i cook for Him
i give Him any thing He wants; A N Y T H I N G

i love Him; y wouldnt i give Him watever His ‘heart’ desires??
He loves me; He told me Himself
He cheated on me once or twice; but thats in the past. && He promised it was a mistake.
He wont do it again i know He wont. He loves me… right?

He gets mad if i dont look right
He gets wen im with my friends
He gets mad wen we dont have sex.

but thats normal; plus He gets me gifts
sexi underwear
sex candy
sex toys

hes never called me beautiful
hot and sexi yea .. but not beautiful
he never pays for our dates..
opens the door
holds my hand
protects me wen im scared
holds me wen i cry

I cant leave him though he everything to Me. Im nothin without him.

besides he loves Me… R I G H T ? ?

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One Response to “He Loves Me”

  1. serena93on 05 Apr 2011 at 7:59 am

    your gonna find somebody perfect oneday. he will be everything you want, need and deserve.
    trust me it happens ^_^

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