Aug 28 2011

Head or Heart?

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Even though your hearts on your left, its always right.
Because if you don’t follow it, you loose sleep at night.
Wondering what it would be like, had you went the other way.
And questioning if it was right, now your not okay.
Now your watching every single thing they do.
And just wishing they would run to you.
Your head my say that going with your heart will cause you pain.
But I guarantee, one moment with that special someone, and you’ll never be the same.
Your head wont tell you this, so listen to your heart, it only takes one smile.
To forget all the frowns, and to make everything seem worthwhile.
But your head isn’t wrong, it isn’t lying.
Its trying to warn your heart, oh its trying.
It wants unconditional love to, but it knows what could happen to your heart.
And it doesn’t want to see it get torn apart.
Because there is no other pain, equally as bad, as it is to loose that special person in your life.
To watch her leave, when she swore she wanted to be your wife.
You wonder if she ever notices you, and you doubt it.
Its the worst depression, but you won’t be able to remember a day lived without it.
So in the end, do you go with your heart or head?
Do you take the amazing feeling of love, and risk a tear soaked bed?
All I know is I need you, your the distant sight of the best thing I ever had, I loved you and I still do now.
And I’ll do my best to get you back, someway somehow

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