Sep 01 2011


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[I apologize for my rough poetry. I don’t follow traditional rhyme and meter, but I write to try and find meaning. This is an example of where it leads.]

A groan of agony escapes my lips
I’ll watch you slip into the abyss
I should just let it be, but I can’t.
Anguish envelops. Can’t you see?
Raise this vibration together. If you’d let me:
Place gentle hands upon you, reaching within
Focusing to draw upon this sacred Kundalini
Desperately trying to feel you, and heal you
Mind, body and Soul. Absolutely determined to
Fill that void, and make you whole again.

A healer’s gift is always free. At cost to the healer,
Mind you, they pay the price themselves
What part don’t you get? Its paid for in Love,
How dare you ridicule this gift? Ignorant child!
Emotion sickness ensues, this lamentable regret.
Apologies abound. He may and will forgive.
Of course! but don’t expect him to forget.

A wall was constructed, intimacy was obstructed
In the haste to block the pain, forgot to build a gate.
With walls this high, Never was there any plan
To ever seek to leave. Futile efforts of reprieve.
As the fury begins to wane, Realizing what has transpired:
Sealed walls serve a prison and all I feel is disdain.
For my foolish desire to wall off my heart.

I witnessed myself transform. My cocoon brought me into this?
Instead of beauty and Love, silence echos in the darkness,
Cold hard rain falling from above stings like tiny daggers.
Stark contrast, to warmth of languished tears upon my cheeks.
Together, these forces coupled with the dreary jade,
amplifies and exonerates all that clearly debilitates
Of all that is good within me. Of that shines bright and freely.

When the healer needs healing, he has no more Love to give.
Take without giving, and see how his wellspring runs dry.
Give him some in reply, and in amazement Love will amplify.
His blessing and curse are one in the same: Empathy.
Caring too deeply for what they see within thee.
A hope, a trust, a beacon of light that emanates.
A reason to persist in a world filled with hate.

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4 Responses to “~Healer~”

  1. phatta Singhon 01 Sep 2011 at 9:33 am

    of course love hurts like pinching the nail in our heart but never mind that it comes back one day or nether day…its like a butterfly the more you chase, the more it elude us..let it be free, one day it will come back when you least expected….

  2. pixieon 01 Sep 2011 at 7:53 pm

    I’m.. this is..

  3. aedenon 02 Sep 2011 at 12:45 am

    More prose than poetry…

  4. Ntiyamagwaon 15 May 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Here’s another one by Donald Macaskill that I love -I close my eyes and reebemmr…all those days that we have shared;when you brought a bright sparkto cold and damp monotony;when we collapsed in side-splitting laughterabout the nothing things of life;when we listened to a piece of musicand tears sounded to its rhythm.I close my eyes and reebemmr…all those faces that we have watched;the fearful thrill of cradling lifeas young new-born parents;the certainty of adult doubtas teenagers looked for answers;the aching loss as the bone of our beginningshrouded itself into the earth.I close my eyes and reebemmr…all those places we have wandered;the homes that we have furnishedwith the love of our welcoming;the journeys we have madewhose destination was beyond a horizon;the hearts and lives we have changedthough we were blind to the knowing.I close my eyes and reebemmr…all those graces we have been given;the gentle glimpse of your hand,open to share and bring comfort;the smile which put at ease the strangerand made them a friend for life;the timbre of your contentas music filled a room;the fragility of your strength,from knowing peace in our midst.I open my eyes and recognise…that as the sun sets on this day,as dusk scatters lightinto the encroaching dark;so somewhere,on the other side of memory,you are there.And in that place beyond all sensethe sun is already shining,the light is growing,as the dawn of new beginningaches its way through love’s painand loss’s mourning.I open my eyes and seethat you and I areboth here and there,both memory and future;a life lived,a love shared,a beginning started,a light rising,over thereon the other side of memory.

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