Jul 21 2010


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Stretch my words,
Bend my letters,
inside an out i will love you,
Days turn into night,
our love turns into pain.

The hateful words you say,
the tears you shall always get from me.
My heart is beating out of my chest,
begging me to stop..

Stop the heart ache,
the screaming,
the beating,
love is what i have for you,
pain is what you give to me in return.

Do you care?
Do you think?
Do you hear my cry’s?

Now i see,
i run to you to try an get the love i never thought i had.
You never gave me any time of your day,
My pain is coming out,
no more backing down.

I wanna be loved for who i am,
i loved you through out these year’s.
Fights every day,
more an more blame you bring upon me.

I am not a person when i am with you,
i am a shadow, you wish to see..
Stare deep into your eyes i got lost,
lost in all the hate..

I wish a endless deathly melody played over
and over again inside your heartless head.

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One Response to “Heart”

  1. pixieon 23 Oct 2010 at 5:39 pm

    I have exactly no idea what this poem means and would appreciat it if you could, like, I don’t know, give me a clue or something?

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