Aug 21 2012

Heart dont ask too much !!

Published by at 3:59 pm under Lost Love Poems

Oh steamy sky and invincible dark night
Nothing’s obvious nothing seems right
My heart needs an answer though it might
Keep staring at this glorious sight
Without saying a word or a passing glance to thee
I have to keep my heart worm
by edging my way through the stone
to let him see me
My desire is tremendous as possible as it could be
Also my enthusiasm is great like the big blue sea
Still thee an impregnable fortress
A far tower
Though I still can see his eyes lightening up as a dewy flower
So heart don’t ask too much
Seeing him is precious
Seeing him is enough

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One Response to “Heart dont ask too much !!”

  1. adminon 21 Aug 2012 at 4:02 pm

    too good!
    loved the passion in the words!
    hope that you get to be with them soon!

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