Nov 17 2010

Rage & Pain

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What to when i feel so much rage and pain. what to do when i realize that in my soul and heart it is truly over. what to do when all i really want to do is cry until no single teardrop left in my body. what to do when my soul and my heart is so damn hurt. what to do when a smile can not arose my face. i am completely heartbroken. what to do about these exhausting long nights i watch the beautiful night sky and wish upon the brightest star in the night sky that i am having a nightmare and when i wake up we will be holding each other tight like we never want to let go but i come back to reality and realize i am alone holding no one but my self and you already let me go and i cry my self to sleep. DAMMIT ! i hate you right now ! i wish in the blink of my eye i can forget. what to do when i am dazing and memorizing of the non forgettable moment, the sweet sensational things you would whisper in my eye as i sat their with an incredibly larger bright smile that no one could take away, the sexy sweet soft tender kisses we shared its torturing my mind, my soul and especially my heart. the bridge this loving relationship had need to be burned and vanished forever. its killing me to know i was in love with you and you did not love me back. its killing me to know you lied and i believed every single sorry word. its truly killing me to know everything i thought we had was a lie. its over between us and forever gone. all the desirable fantasizing i dazed will never be. our happily prosperity lives with a family for eternity i fantasized will never be. what to do with this helpless aloness i feel. my soul is shattered and lost. what to do knowing i am completely truly foolishly in love with you and this feeling will forever be in my heart. what to do with this broken heart, shattered soul, non stoppable tears and a loss mind. its over and i am heart broken the faith is lost, the hope is crushed, and the believable feeling forever vanished. what to do knowing its over we cant be friends i fell to deep to hard and its killing me every second that i want you so bad and their is no longer a you and i. its over and now i have to move on with a crushed soul and heart and no longer look back on what we had but look forward for what the future has to bring to this loss soul and broken heart and shine light to a new path that will patch everything up or shine light to that old path that’s new and improved and go back to the way things were forever

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  1. meghanon 17 Nov 2010 at 10:39 pm

    That explains so much relationships and it makes me so sad to think it true ;-(

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