May 22 2011

Heaven’s Gate

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Let’s runaway
to a faraway place
where it doesn’t matter what we do or say
It’s wonderful because there I can hold your face.

I don’t care about being called crazy
I know my feelings are true
my sight is anything but hazy
they’re just trying to make me change the way I feel about you.

It’s because of you that I can fly
you’ve become my wings
I can reach far out into the sky
To me, so much happiness, your loving touch brings.

You and me together
our happily-ever-after story
of magic and love forever
that gives me so much glory.

They won’t let us be together here
they think we are wrong
but one day they’ll see clear
that you and me make each other strong.

Our love is forbidden
they try to keep us apart
so we keep our feelings hidden
deep inside our hearts.

We can cross the seven seas
“I am ready”
and even though they won’t let us free
you and me can get away from here, slowly but steady.

You are my other half brought to me by fate
and just to prove how much you mean to me
I promise that one day we’ll walk together through heaven’s gate
It’s just that easy to for me to see
everything that you and I can be.

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