Oct 01 2010

Help in the Time of Crisis

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She was crying with one to turn to.
He was holding her as a friend should.
He never left her side.
Until after her roller coaster ride
Had slowed down in the end
To where she could finally fend
For herself without any fear.

He encouraged her with words sweet.
Telling her that one day, she shall meet
The prince she’s been hoping and praying for;
The man she’s ever dreamed of.
That happiness will come in it’s due time
And not to worry and fret bout what cannot be
At this time in life, Just try to recover your heart,
And not to never let it part.

Constantly saying that I am beautiful.
In order for me to believe.
That I am truely one of a kind
And worthy enough to find
A man just perfect for me.
And constantly telling me
That everyone has someone just right for them 🙂

Thank you dear friends.
For everything you have done for me 🙂

This post was submitted by Dannielle Lovesong.

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