Mar 09 2012

help me fly far away x

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everydays the same
lonelyness keeps me sane
hiding in a home
no one knows the reason

judgemental, is what your are
kicking everone to the ground
calling them sick little names
just for how they look

judge me for how i look
tell everyone im like a stick
i have a reason, that reason hurts
next time you judge
think about why im like this.

i wonder why, why no one hears my crys
i wander why why i cant smile
i want to be happy, i want to be okay
praying to be okay , please let me survive

memories under my sleeves
cuts and scars, from sharp jagged parts
haunting me through life
i will get away from the pain

she will kill me, i try to tell myself
but in a way she makes me strong
ana is who i envy
i cant defeat who trys to help me.

the pronging almost stopped
amune to the pain that she causes me
i will be perfect one day
i will love myself someday

you help me get through the day
bring beauty from my pain
make the sickness go away
you help me so much

the night you said that three words
the night i started to get better
i need you here with me
you make everthing so much easyer

people dont get us
they judge us , try to bring us down
i will help you up
just like you help me up

make me fly far away
please come with me
it will be a lifelong trip
to the light in your heart

ropes tied tight
around my kneck
its easier this way
im going to my heaven

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  1. Cat Theronon 06 May 2012 at 9:44 am

    I like this poem ^_^ …mwa mwa mwa mwa

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