Feb 10 2011


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Girl, by girl, by girl, by girl, we are not recycling cans you know, I’m not gonna stand for this anymore, I’m not your bitch, I ain’t your whore, Go ahead hit me with all you got, look at me and take your best shot, you say “you love me”, that i am “the one”, that “being with me is so much fun”, well now it’s my turn to tell you lies, “you’re the best”, and “I’m glad we are together”, “I hope we are friends forever”, “you make me happy when I’m sad”, when I’m with you, I am so “glad”, “you make my gray skies blue”, I really “care” for you too, I TRULY “LOVE” YOU!!How do you like it/ Now don’t forget,that when I think of you i regret, every moment we spent together, but I hope you and your girl last forever, I also hope that she’s a bitch to you,and from her bed she makes than one sound, cause she fucks someone else when your not around, and that guy that she found is better to her than you’ll ever be, so go ahead, make fun of me, cause I don’t got someone right now, but once I do, I hope you feel all the shit you put me through, and all the tears I cried for you, and the blood I lost too, but now I understand you see, that you were never good for me, and for other girls you’ll never be, you are just a figment of my imagination, a demon of my creation, to come and bring me emotional inihalation, but right now, my destination, is to erase you completley, I don’t care what it takes, cause I know all your feelings are fake, so hating you should be a piece of cake..Then why do I wanna hold you in my arms? I know why, I wanna squeeze till it’s blood you cry,then I”ll squeeze you till your truly dead, then I’ll keep drowning you in all the tears, for you, I shed, then I’ll keep doing it over again.

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