Feb 02 2012

Her Tower

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A princess in her tower
Streams tears from on high
She dreams of a prince
Galloping with valiant stride
To come rescue her,
Rush her away from all this;
The tyranny of her life.
A fanciful daydream,
Of dutiful chivalry
And humble nobility
Lacking in prior prince charmings
Who came calling, but fell short,
and couldn’t reach into her tower.

There she sits and weeps alone
not knowing she has the key.
And she doesn’t have to be alone
If only she would consider
This simple preponderance:
Her Fear was the witch
Which bound her here
Isolated, Segregated
Imprisoned by that which
is the exact opposite of
the love she sought so dearly.

Most men won’t storm the tower
For a maiden so faint in the heavens
On a whim, in the moment,
After all from way up there,
We are blinded by the the sun
as we stare longingly upward.

Send away your guards, fare maiden.
Hereto so I may approach.
And rise to the heights required
To liberate you from your lofty perch.

But beware:
Below with me are the commoners
They reach out with dirty hands
and tarnish your robes with a simple touch.
Would just assume strip you down
And pillage you in the streets
If given half a chance
Hold close by me,
For I shall protect thee
From the evil of desperate people
Whom have nothing left to lose.
And all to gain, with you.

For I am, the aforementioned Noble man,
Who would stave off foes and demons
Slay the enemies of the dark
To protect the light within thine eyes.

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