Aug 07 2012

Hidden shadow

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There is a lonely shadow hiding behind the trees.
I walk by slowly, trying not to disturb their peace.
The shadow starts to move, I fear I have upset them.
The shadow moved to the next tree, and stopped,
As if waiting for me to catch up.
I started to walk up to them, but with every step I took,
The shadow took a step away.
I wondered what was going on.
My legs began to tremble, and my vision started to blur.
The shadow seemed to be moving towards me now,
But as it got closer, there was something odd about it.
This shadow seemed to have a knife in its hands.
My body began to shut down.
I fell hard to the ground, shaking and shivering,
Like I was buried snow.
I could hardly see the shadow, but I could feel a cold chill on my throat,
It felt like something steel was being pressed against it.
My eyes began to water, I feared that this was the end.
I closed my eyes, and said a prayer.
When I opened my eyes, I saw who the shadow belonged to.
It was my shadow, I began to feel faint.
I closed my eyes again, and when I opened them,
I was in my room all by myself.
It was only a dream, but it felt so real.

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