Jul 29 2012


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Even inclosed in your arms,
I still feel hollow,
Your words drift uselessly past me like empty air
And every time we start to disagree,
The world seems to shout ‘beware, beware!’
Dreams of my parent’s deaths haunt me
But not as bad as the dream of my own,
The one of me buried in an abandoned grave yard
All alone
Dreams of death, still vivid and bright
seem to repeat every night

As I walk into the class room
The sunbeams coming through the doorway,
Make my hair sparkle with shimmering light,
I gaze around at the tear streaked faces
As the whispers start to grow,
‘She’s alive’
The whispers grew louder as astonishment spreads
Then the world started to spin
Like I had bumped my head,
The next thing I knew was I was back in my grave
The cold earth pressing down on me,
The dead air suffocating me, stopping my breath
And that’s when I woke up,
From the dream of my death.

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  1. Charleneon 04 Oct 2012 at 7:11 am

    So much emotion, beautiful poetry.

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