Oct 25 2011

Hollow Heart

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Your hands on me, my body claimed
Expecting hurt, impulses tamed
Not fighting back, not wanting this
Weeping as you writhe in bliss

Vulgar words that scar my mind
Karma will give back in kind
Your acts turned into your curse
Eternal fire, maybe worse

Every day, no new routine
Crushing each and every dream
A slave to you, I must submit
You’re just as sad, but won’t admit

Defiance gone, an empty shell
I’m scared but yet I cannot tell
I’m broken down, the guilt is mine
An option comes, but I decline

Friends can break, I shield them all
If they can stand then I must fall
Walking straight, I just feel fake
I have nothing, but yet they take

I’m nothing now, I can’t deny
This is an act, it’s all a lie
I spread the curse, when I leave here
It jumps to those that I held dear

Hollow heart, there’s no love left
He took it all, one brutal theft
He beats on me, I will not break
Not terror, nor heartache

Blood is spilled, painful blows
I lay still – his anger grows
No noise is made, I care no more
I do not cry, here on the floor

As one last hit is ending me
I know that I am long ready
Aching now, the end is fast
This day proves to be my last

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