Jun 01 2011


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Hopefully, after all my trouble
Of lying awake in bed at night
Wondering who is lying in yours,
And running through old conversations
That I’ve managed to skew in my memory,
And the efforts of cursing you
Calling you out in your past mistakes
Or ones I’ve conjured up in my head
Only to take it all back in a weak moment
While I weep and rage and blame myself
For reasons I still can’t justify
And after the labors of trying to forget
The good times we enjoyed together
Or at least keeping those thoughts at bay,
In essence, the hassle of missing you,
I’ll be able to look you square in the eye
And decide that I was right:
You’re a bastard
You cause me pain
And I’m I silly, stupid girl.

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  1. serena93on 14 Jul 2011 at 12:05 pm

    This is actually INCREDIBLE!
    Wow honestly your great! dont stop! Publish an anthology or something! 😀

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