Nov 02 2010

Horizon of Love

Published by at 7:04 pm under I Love You Poems

Leaving behind a lanky,
Awkward boyhood.
Your on the brink of a polished manhood,
Perfected by your smile.
I stumble on your grace,
And trip over my words.
Intoxicated by your glory.
Your full lips swallow my own,
and my fingertips trace your charming frame.
You tip back your handsome head,
And from your throat escapes a moan.
Wearing now nothing,
But a ruby red stain,
Glowing on our chests.
Your sweetness clings to my skin.
In the midst of our desperate passion,
I look beyond our tangled limbs,
Into your glorious blue,
And whisper the strongest three words i can give to you.
Together we are swimming on the horizon of our love.

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