Dec 21 2014

How could you….

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You may have treated me well back then
But this is now that was then.
How could you turn my world upside down?
Leave me unable to tell up from down?
I trusted you so much and believed in your whole heartedly.
I would have done anything for you, you see.
I still wanted to be your friend.
But you ended up spitting in my face.
Telling me that are friendship didn’t matter was a mistake.
I had very few I could call true
I thought no matter where you were, if the chips where down I could still count on you.
Is this what you look like when your mask slips off your face?
Is there no trace of my friend, the girl I respected, treasured even loved?
Is she gone forevermore?
How could you accuse me of this?
Didn’t you know me at all?
Did all those moments in time, captured in the amber of our minds mean nothing to you?
You stabbed me in the front unavoidably, but you tour my heart out of my chest, and grounded it on the floor, beneath of a jackbooted heel of mistaken belief in your own righteousness.
You were seeing someone else when I saw you again.
I put another before myself again. I left you alone to be happy with he you husband.
Wanted to be your friend in the end however
You looked down on me like a snob, accused me of lies of deceit.
Can’t you see that I haven’t changed, that I’m still the same?
But if you’re like this I think?
Have I been so wrong about others also?
If the one I trusted most has done this to me.
How can I trust others not to hurt me?
I may not be that smart true.
But what I offered you was real.
The decision not to take it was up to you.
Going with me may have come with too high a price
Life has not been very nice to me after all
But still after all I thought we were friends
So I ask you
How could you leave me? Shattered like broken glass on the floor?

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