Sep 20 2010

How do I know to Believe you?

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I’ve made my mistakes in this relationship
i came back for you, for us
i tried so hard to make us come closer together
but you never met me half way
i was pregnant with our child at the time, you still told me you loved me
till the day your wondering eye took the bait
you promised me i was your world and no one could compare
you promised me you would never break my heart
what you did behind my back
some could never forgive
i thought you would never do what you did
but i was wrong, thinking what you said was true
how you wanted to marry me and say our i do’s
but i look at the past and wonder… what did i do?
was i not enough that you had to go find someone new?
now i sit here thinking of your apology’s
how you say “i love you, i will never do it again”
how do i know if your telling me the truth?
or if the temptations kick in again and im back listening to the sorry’s
i cant take the pain much longer, you have shattered my heart
im not sure if you can ever put the pieces back in the right spot!
i want to forgive you and what you did to me
but i dont know if i really can and if i do how do i know im not fooling myself the way you fooled me.
how do you let something like this truly go?
how do you forgive?
will i be thinking about his as long as were together?
i dont know
i just dont know
when you say “i love you” i want to say it back
and when i do i dont know if thats how i really feel.
am i just kidding myself when i say “i love you to?”
so if this doesnt work and i come to the conclusion that i cant forgive you,
good bye my love i thought your were the one i would spend the rest of my days with
but i cant go on thinking about what you had done to me
im sorry but good bye

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