Jul 21 2010

How I wish you was mine

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I sit in this empty room, staring at the walls, wondering why you hadn’t called.
To hell in back for your love to twine with mine, the walls are closing in
on me, the past of me an you haunt me. Finding myself waking up crying for your
touch! Oh how i wish you were mine, laughing at the past, reliving the past days. Months past not a single word heard from you, are you out there?? Do you hear my cry’s?? I feel so secure when i’m in your arms, as if nothing bad would ever happen to me, i feel in such pain, harsh pain, when you aren’t here with me. I’ve really lost you this time. Times past, your grown now with a family, do you ever stop and think about me in any kind of form?? I sit on the parks side, where i watch you push
your son on the swing, oh how i wish that was mine. My world is shattered without you near, without your touch, why is it so hard to keep me in your heart?? Do you think of me as the past?? I see in you a guy who knows what he wants, but he is so scared to except it in any way, hides from the fear he has built up inside his heart, you live in your fantasy where you know you will never be alone. Oh how i wish you was mine, how your eyes shined when you looked at me, your smile lit up my darker days. Now you are two years down the road you aren’t with that woman anymore, oh how i wish you where mine, pass by me not a single word, just as it was before, i need you to hear my cry’s, the pain i feel when i’m not in your arms. Its to late, your gone the pain i feel is even worse then before, tears begin to form in my eyes i look down at the casket,
watch them carry you out an put you in the ground, still how i wish you was mine, now its over, i’m a old woman now. My pain is still with me, i waited for you, as i walked through the park rethinking the past, 37 years ago today i sat on this very corner an watched you push your son on the swing, oh how i wish you was mine, time has passed slowly without you….******There you was waiting at heavens gates for me,
you reached out your hand an gave me a note, as i read my heart filled with joy, hand in hand we walked
into a peaceful place where we are in love 🙂 The note still floats around in this world, for a couple just as me an him..with what we lived on.. “Oh how i wish we could start fresh”

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  1. sammyon 03 Aug 2010 at 5:01 am

    just 2 amasing. The rise and fal and how u were able 2 carry u readers along.

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