Dec 22 2010

How it feels

Published by at 7:05 am under Heartbreak Poems

This is what is happening, I’m seeing it unfold.
The certain way you look at me, only wanting to uphold.
The automatic way you have, that was to play upon my heart,
When all you wanted naturally, was to enjoy and just depart.

Not to look at me, or speak to me, for seasons still to come.
For everyday, its still fresh you see, not wanting to be done.
But obviously there was a change in you, before the passion was thru.
I wanted to take a chance on cue, cause I thought ur heart was slew.

I know now what a fool I’ve been, just waiting for to see.
I should have known I needed this reality for me.
There has to be a certainty, upon my soul to bear,
For everyday I long to see if there is something else to share.

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