Dec 24 2010

How much more pain

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How much more pain can my heart bear?
All I do is show my love, and care
I mean I’ve heard of unfair, but look at me
What do you see?
All I know, is I’m pretty low
And time goes by really slow, I feel like garbage
And I’m treated like dirt, let the wrath reign down upon me
Here I never flee, I’m really hurt
And feel dead to the world, runnin’ scared with death approaching me
And I thought someone really cared, used again
And thrown around, all in a garbage bin
With no one to hear a sound, the shrieks of pain
And the cufflinks of chain, digging into my skin
I’m imprisoned with nowhere to go
And I still wish I could flow, but I no longer glow
I’m reduced to a spark, wow! It’s gotten dark
Leaving one big mark, my heart Is dying
And its been shot dead, why do you think you see me crying?
My heart’s as heavy as lead, and now it’s time for bed

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  1. misty roseon 09 Feb 2011 at 3:58 pm

    wow thats really really good. 😀 it describes the way i feel. (3

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