Apr 16 2011

how will I know

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how will I know
if you love me
is it so
do they tell the truth

or is it some silly lie
they made up
to make me admit
I like this guy

how will I know
if there not being
cold like snow
or being green and mean

how will I know
I can tell the truth
and not tell petty lies with woe
from me to you its a mystery

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One Response to “how will I know”

  1. Riley Schuchon 07 Jul 2011 at 5:59 pm

    This poem is the truth.. i am only 13 and i kno its true… guys always tell u they love u but how many other girls have they said that to and do they even mean it?..think about that the next time a guy tells u they love u… ;-(

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