Dec 26 2011

Hurt and Broken

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It hurts when no-one’s here anymore
It hurts where I cry from on the floor
It hurts that he left, he lied to me
He did it right there, so easily

And still I hope, for him to find
The loving thoughts inside my mind
I think of him, of every day
That someday I might be okay

But not just yet, as I still heal
He lied to me, said love was real
I’m broken now, was never whole
The snow gets thick and starts to roll

One act leads back, I’m hurt again
I wish for death, it’s simple then
Another hurt, another break
Nothing left but still they take

On and on, the snowball goes
It never stops and never slows
With every game, played with my soul
Snowball speeding as it rolls

Velocity, too fast for sight
I watched the moon smile at the night
In one big crash, the snowball hit
The calm façade no longer fit

One count of five, unleash a beast
All liars now become a feast
With screams of rage, I cut them down
I kill them all, without a frown

And once I’m caught, I start to rave
This thing called Death I once more crave
Called insane, I stare at space
That’s where I die, it’s such a waste

I could’ve killed, all of those guys
Licked my lips between their cries
I could’ve stopped, all of their games
Dead fuk  ers without their names

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One Response to “Hurt and Broken”

  1. lexieon 26 Jun 2012 at 10:53 pm

    i could’ve killed, all of those guys
    licked my lips between there cries
    i could’ve stopped,all of their games
    dead fuckers without there names
    i luv it and i understand u completely

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