Aug 06 2013

I believed in you

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There it is
The truth
It rings clear as a bell
I believed you wanted me
I believed you liked me
I believed you cared
I believed you even showed up to see me
I believed in a lie
I believed that I would never let you hurt me
I believed I was in total control of my emotions
I believed that you felt the same way I did
I believed I didn’t revert to my old ways
And you, you made me feel like you were different
Like you were almost mine
Like if we had got together
Our love could’ve stopped time
But I’m sorry, that was just a silly hope of mine
If I scream if I cry that won’t change anything
When I go to sleep I don’t see you
And when I open my eyes in the morning you’re never there
That is my reality
I can throw a tantrum if I want to but that won’t make you mine
I guess everything I believed in was a lie
Especially you
The boy I thought I knew
We had a connection
We almost had it all
But now I’ll remember you only as the boy who let me fall

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