Jan 31 2011

I Can’t Forget

Published by at 9:16 pm under Lost Love Poems

i never thought about what it would to me
if one day you up and left…said were through
but it happened and you said it
and now more than anything i regret not trying hard enought to stop you
and i know you’ve moved on and found someone better
but i cant help but think about that stupid letter
the one i wrote telling you how much i cared
about all the good memories and times we shared
Ill always remember everything we had
and now i cant even look at your pictures without getting mad
and I always think I can find a way
to somehow see you again someday
I even have dreams that you’ve come back to me
But im sick of dreams and pretend
and i still hope and really believe
that you can find a way back to me
and now I know what its like on the other side
And when i told you i loved you it wasnt a lie
and I just want you to know
that ive been fighting to let you go
and one day I hope you truly see
how much you really meant to me
and even though people drift apart
you should know u will always have my heart…

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